Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

Our Jigsaw Picture Puzzles are made of the card board and digitally printed. The photos are adjusted to the puzzle size and are then designed by studio who follow each customer's order specifications. Finally, the personalized picture puzzle is printed.

The Digital printing produces sharp, colorful high-quality photo puzzle printing results. Our cardboard jigsaw photo puzzles are machine press-cut. The cuts are sharp and clean and the end result is a Personalized Jigsaw Picture Puzzle made exactly to your specification. Order online today to have your favourite photo/photos turned into a beautiful 100 pcs personalized photo jigsaw puzzle. Vibrant design is digitally printed on white cardboard.

The puzzle measures 10” x8” has approximately 90-100 pcs and his just about 1/2mm thick. This fun rectangle shape personalized jigsaw puzzle makes an attractive gift for wedding anniversary, birthday or for a valentines day. Challenge your loved one and let him solve the puzzle.

This printed Rectangle Puzzle can be delivered to Agra,Ahmedabad,Allahabad,Anand,Amritsar,Aurangabad, Baroda(Vadodara),Bangalore,(Bengleru) ,Bhopal,Bhubaneswar,Chennai,Chandigarh, Coimbatore,Delhi,Gurgaon,Gwalior,Hyderabad, Indore,Jaipur,Jalandhar,Jamshedpur,Kanpur, Kolkata,Lucknow,Ludhiana,Mumbai,Mysore, Navi Mumbai,Noida,Pune,Surat,Thane, Vizag,Varanasi,Warangal For any other delivery area or further information please email us at

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Puzzle Review by Sona Delhi
Thanku so much I received the order. And definatly I will order it very often ☺I like its picture quality thanku once again ☺ (Posted on 3/3/2017)
Haha..ha. what a puzzle? Review by Usha Malpani
This was one of funniest gift i gave it my husband. I got the matter printed on the puzzle with a back ground image of mine and instructed him to do the chores which he avoids all the time.. it was real fun as even he laughed and got the message... (Posted on 12/20/2014)

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